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The December issue was another brilliant magazine – thank you! I especially enjoyed the colour festival of the Cortina, Borgward, Range Rover and Renault 4. Thanks also for the mention Austin Hits 100 on p14 – it's very important to keep the old name of Austin going. As an Austin Engineerin­g Apprentice (1954-1959), I owned four wee Austin Sevens – two 1931/32 saloons, a 1934 saloon and a 1937 Opal Tourer. The cheapest of them cost five shillings, and the dearest was £27.10s.0d. Back then, engines cost from £2, gearboxes from £1.10s for three speeds or £2 for four. Over those four years I also owned four Austin Tens – an early 10/4, two 1935 Lichfields and one immaculate 1936 Sherbourne. The cheapest of the Tens was 10 shillings, the dearest a princely £60. The height of luxury though was a smart 1939/40 SS Jaguar 1½-litre for £90 (reduced from £100).

Mention of Range Rover brought to mind Land Rover lending me one of the 10 prototype Range Rovers for a ten day evaluation. Later, Rover's Brian Sperring, journalist­s Harold Hastings, Alan Baker and I took a pre-production one up to the north of Scotland for a long weekend's sampling of the Corrieyair­ack Pass and other challenges, all at a rather thirsty 10mpg, but what a great vehicle – actually four vehicles in one. Forgive the reminiscin­g. It's my age, ye ken. Well, somebody has to remember these days.

Now, as regards identifyin­g classic car models on page 105 of the December issue, here goes for what it's worth. I can't swear to them all, though. In the top left picture, [Reproduced above left – Ed] the back car is a 1935/36 Vauxhall 12/6 or 14/6. The near car is a 1934-36 Morris 8 Series 1. The similar Series 2 ran from 1936 to 1939, to be replaced by the Series E from 1939-48.

In the lower lefthand picture, [Reproduced above right – Ed] I'm not absolutely sure about this one. At first I thought it was a Vauxhall 14, but the scalloped front wings suggest otherwise. Failing that, it could be a pre-war US Packard or maybe even a Buick Super Eight if it is big enough. The bottom right picture is definitely a Volvo PV544, a super car. Norman J Milne

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