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I DON’T be­lieve I am "xeno­pho­bic" or "short sighted", and I have done my best to be well in­formed on both the pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive as­pects of the PFL.

The 60-year-old plan Dorothy David­son wrote of in her let­ter is just that – "old". Times have changed.

It was cre­ated back in the days when wet­lands and rem­nant bush were seen as rub­bish tips and not worth pre­serv­ing.

Perth was not the sprawl­ing city it is to­day.

The orig­i­nal freight route was in­tended as a loop road to go around the out­skirts of residentia­l ar­eas, but in the Perth of to­day the pro­posed road will cut a swathe through our sub­urbs.

Many roads on that orig­i­nal plan have al­ready been deleted and the land put to other use.

I don't agree that Bi­bra Lake will be en­hanced by a four-lane high­way. I don't think too many peo­ple would view such a road through their sub­urb as an en­hance­ment.

It is planned to be pushed through our much-loved and well-

nat­ing the 30 per cent of trucks that run empty. Mov­ing the empty con­tainer park to where it is needed would be easy and cheap. In­creas­ing freight on rail could then cut truck move­ments through Fre­man­tle by up to 50 pr cent. Only af­ter that should...

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