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I RE­PLY to two writ­ers, Jo Rich and Kath­leen Platts, whose let­ters were pub­lished in last week’s Gazette.

Jo, you can­not see the trees through the for­est for some­one so well trav­elled. The coun­tries you quote as hav­ing great train in­fra­struc­ture are highly pop­u­lated.

Perth is still young with less than two mil­lion peo­ple spread over thou­sands of square kilo­me­tres. How do you sup­pose that small pop­u­la­tion base can af­ford rail­way lines ev­ery­where?

Like it or not, we are decades away from hav­ing a com­pre­hen­sive rail sys­tem.

What we can do though, is re­serve land cor­ri­dors for the fu­ture – just as we re­served the cor­ri­dor for Roe High­way some 60 years ago.

That in it­self does not mean it is fait ac­com­pli, but in my opinion and many peo­ple in­clud­ing ex­perts, Roe 8 is crit­i­cal in­fra­struc­ture.

Cock­burn has high-em­ploy­ment in­dus­try and busi­nesses spread over sev­eral ar­eas ad­ja­cent North Lake Road, Stock Road and Cock­burn Road. It has noth­ing to do with the port and its con­tainer truck move­ments.

In fact, those 2000 daily traf­fic move­ments pale into in­signif­i­cance with the traf­fic into Cock­burn of some 98,000 as fore­casted for 2031.

You will never re­place trucks and you can­not build rail­way tracks to all our busi­nesses and shopping cen­tres. We need high­ways to as­sist traf­fic travel in vol­ume and at a rea­son­able speed.

That is why we build high­ways. They save our lo­cal roads from con­ges­tion mak­ing them safer with less pol­lu­tion, less-stop start mo­tor­ing and saves time.

Time is valu­able; whether it is work or leisure time.

Please stop with the smoke and mir­rors and read the facts; State and lo­cal gov­ern­ment-com­mis­sioned re­ports are avail­able if you are in­ter­ested.

Kath­leen, you say I quote in­trigu­ing data. It is not mine; it is Cock­burn City’s com­mis­sioned re­ports – Dis­trict Traf­fic Study of 2006 and 2013.

It is so im­por­tant, that Cock­burn cre­ates its strate­gic trans­port plan on it.

I will cor­rect you on one other fur­phy; the main ob­ject of Roe 8 is not trucks go­ing to the port.

Al­though a ben­e­fit for the port traf­fic, the over­whelm­ing ben­e­fit is the eas­ing of con­ges­tion on Cock­burn's and Melville's lo­cal roads.

If the Roe 9 sec­tion, pur­ported to be a tun­nel now, is not built, it will not de­tract from the great ben­e­fits that Roe 8 de­liv­ers to Cock­burn.

Keep on the sub­ject and the facts and peo­ple will lis­ten. Mis­quote and go off on tan­gents and you in­sult the in­tel­li­gence of the com­mu­nity; they can see straight through it.

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