Perth’s most stu­pen­dous dishes

Cockburn Gazette - - LET’S EAT - Emily Boney

SOME foods just defy de­scrip­tion.

They’re eye-pop­ping to look at, tow­er­ingly huge and make you won­der if such a dish is even real.

These foods are ridi­cu­li­cious – equal parts de­lec­ta­ble and ab­surd.

Here are some of our favourites from around Perth:

If you’re a fan of dairy in all of its mag­i­cal forms, like I am, then you’re def­i­nitely a fan of Whisk Cream­ery. In ad­di­tion to its clas­sic gelatos and de­lec­ta­ble desserts, it is home to @idrinkmilk­shakes favourite freak­shake in Perth (quite the cov­etable ti­tle!). Here at OZeat­ing, we rec­om­mend the Cronutella: 33 per cent fun name, 33 per cent wow fac­tor, 33 per cent tasty, 100 per cent ridi­cu­li­cious.

Yep, it’s pretty much ex­actly what it sounds like. Why eat a reg­u­lar cone full of bor­ing ice cream when you can stuff your face full of gelato in a cone made of fried dough?!?! We can’t think of a good an­swer ei­ther. Jersey Jack is in Como and Whit­fords City. Booyah, NOR­folks!

Are we TRY­ING to kill you? No. Hon­estly though, death by this freek­shake wouldn’t be the worst way to go. A word of warn­ing: MOP was so busy ask­ing if they could, they didn’t stop to ask whether they should. Bring a friend. Or three. This thing is a mon­ster. There will be ca­su­al­ties. You’ll ask: “Good lord, is this re­ally nec­es­sary?!?” and the an­swer is “Sh­h­hhh… let it hap­pen. It’s ridi­cu­li­cious.”

This thing is the king of burg­ers, and so ridicu­lous and so de­li­cious you prob­a­bly won’t have to eat for a week af­ter­wards. It’s a three-an­i­mal, four-meat de­light: an­gus beef, but­ter­milk-fried chicken, pulled pork and ba­con! Not to men­tion the wild pile of ex­tras in­clud­ing cheese, coleslaw, pickles and fries IN­SIDE THE BURGER. Lifechang­ing.

If a dessert has ‘Le­mon Ex­plo­sion’ in the list of in­gre­di­ents, you can pretty much guar­an­tee it’s go­ing to be amaz­ing. The Rain­bow Road is ev­ery­thing you didn’t know you needed – fruit loop marsh­mal­low treat?? Skit­tle dust? Sign me right up.

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