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I AM a cy­clist (and mo­torist) of 71 years age and when I do use the road I’ve sur­vived by be­ing very cau­tious and de­fen­sive, us­ing most of the rules that you sug­gest in your Novem­ber 7 ed­i­to­rial.

I say “most” be­cause there is a sig­nif­i­cant er­ror in the ed­i­to­rial when you say “cy­clists need to…. give way to the right at round­abouts”.

Hav­ing used roads all over the world, in­clud­ing the birth­place of the round­about in UK and Europe, I must say that this re­flects a com­mon mis­un­der­stand­ing by many road users in WA and is quite wrong; in­deed, it de­feats the whole pur­pose of round­abouts.

The prin­ci­ple is quite clear that one does not yield ei­ther to traf­fic on the right or left per se, but to traf­fic al­ready on the round­about which could be on ei­ther side of you when you reach the en­try to it.

The WA De­part­ment of Trans­port Road Rules say: “At a round­about, YOU must: give way to all traf­fic al­ready on the round­about; en­ter only when there is an ad­e­quate and safe gap in the traf­fic.”

BOB TROT­TER, Swan­bourne

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