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Ev­ery idea starts some­where. For some, it’s a pain point. For oth­ers, it’s a mid­dle-ofthe-night brain­wave. And for many, it’s just a nig­gling at the back of their mind – one that’s been there so long they can no longer re­mem­ber how it came to be there. But after nearly four years of cov­er­ing these sto­ries at Col­lec­tive Hub, what I’ve learnt is that the idea is hon­estly just a very small part of any en­deav­our. Far more important is the way an idea is ex­e­cuted – the plans and the piv­ots made along the way. That’s why this is­sue we are cel­e­brat­ing peo­ple and com­pa­nies who have taken a small idea and truly in­no­vated.

There’s mind-blow­ing food ini­tia­tive Pro­ject Nour­ished, Google-backed pioneer for smart homes Nest, and the truly life-sav­ing East African bike maker Kibo. Also in this is­sue, I had the hon­our of in­ter­view­ing two in­cred­i­ble women – the co-founders of Eventbrite and ClassPass – who have changed the land­scape for their en­tire in­dus­tries. And then there are beau­ti­ful sto­ries as well. There’s the touch­ing ar­ti­cle about the Brookyln-based LGBTQ suit-maker Bin­dle & Keep. And grab a cup of tea, and po­ten­tially some tis­sues, and savour the in­di­vid­ual sto­ries and broader mean­ing of The Hu­man Li­brary.

This is­sue is a cul­mi­na­tion of ev­ery­thing I love about the sto­ries Col­lec­tive Hub tells – they are in­no­va­tive, they are in­spi­ra­tional, they are ed­u­ca­tional and, most of all, they are pur­pose­ful. That’s why I couldn’t be more hon­oured for this to be my last is­sue as ed­i­tor of Col­lec­tive Hub. In all my time here, I never stopped be­ing amazed by the sto­ries in these pages and acts of courage we con­tin­u­ally heard from our com­mu­nity. So I want to thank you – for sup­port­ing amaz­ing sto­ry­telling, for driv­ing our team to al­ways aim higher and, per­son­ally, for in­spir­ing me to chase after my own dreams and ideas, what­ever they may be. It has been the hon­our of my life to cre­ate this mag­a­zine for you, dear reader, and I’m be­yond thrilled to watch your jour­ney, and that of Col­lec­tive Hub, flour­ish well into the fu­ture.

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