Collective Hub - - FOUNDER’S LETTER -

Like the no doubt thou­sands of peo­ple be­fore me, I feel ut­terly com­pelled to write to you and praise you for your work.

I have met [your ed­i­tor] a cou­ple of times, once in San Fran­cisco and once again in Syd­ney where she in­ter­viewed me for a pro­file piece you are plan­ning in Col­lec­tive Hub. Dur­ing the in­ter­view, she told me about your vi­sion for the com­mu­nity of Col­lec­tive Hub, so it was with added in­ter­est I opened is­sue 24 on my flight back to San Fran­cisco.

Ini­tially I was plan­ning a 40-minute flick. That’s about right for a glossy you don’t have a re­la­tion­ship with, right?

No! Wrong! Some two-and-a-half hours later, hav­ing read nearly ev­ery pro­file piece within it, I turned back to the front cover.

I’m blown away by how your mag­a­zine makes me feel. In­spired. Em­pow­ered. Con­nected. Re­source­ful. Ex­cited. Cre­ative. Cu­ri­ous. Hu­man. I didn’t re­alise that my reser­voir of cre­ativ­ity and hu­man­ity was run­ning low un­til now. Now I feel it is over­flow­ing with ideas and in­sight.

Thank you, Lisa.

The world needs smart, en­tre­pre­neur­ial business lead­ers like you who help change the di­a­logue. Most edi­tors of women’s month­lies fo­cus on the ‘pretty’, and that’s cool. Pretty is good. But you have an ap­proach that fo­cuses on the ‘pretty in­spired, pretty ed­u­cated and pretty em­pow­ered’, and I love you and Col­lec­tive Hub so much for it.

Huge love and re­spect.

Jonathan Milden­hall, Mar­ket­ing ex­pert and for­mer CMO of Airbnb.

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