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MoveMove.nl is a travel ser­vice that launched ear­lier this year. Com­mis­sioned through dig­i­tal agency Flink and pro­duc­tion agency Shop Around, Dutch cre­ative stu­dio Loulou & Tum­mie were briefed with cre­at­ing il­lus­tra­tions and an­i­ma­tions for the MoveMove web­site.

“Every­thing is based on their logo and card design,” ex­plains Lau­rens (Loulou). “The colours are picked from their brand­ing and we de­cided to draw every­thing at a 45-de­gree an­gle. This gives every­thing a forced and flat iso­met­ric-like per­spec­tive.”

Us­ing the colour pal­ette was chal­leng­ing, ad­mits Chan­tal (Tum­mie). “It’s all based on lay­er­ing their ma­genta and pas­tel green on top of each other in Mul­ti­ply mode, in all think­able vari­a­tions. It was some­times dif­fi­cult keep­ing the colours and con­trast in bal­ance.”

The pair say the sub­tle an­i­ma­tions are their high­lights of the project. “The an­i­mated de­tails bring the il­lus­tra­tions to life and give it a feel­ing of move­ment and speed. Ex­actly what we wanted to ac­com­plish.”

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