Cre­ative di­rec­tor Kelly Fin­negan on mak­ing Halo's new Bris­tol stu­dio homely and in­spir­ing

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Cre­ative di­rec­tor Kelly Fin­negan takes us on a tour of cre­ative agency Halo’s new Bris­tol stu­dio

Halo has al­ways been lo­cated within the mighty cre­ative hub that is Bris­tol, but we’re now set­tling into a new stu­dio which sits close to Tem­ple Meads rail­way sta­tion. I’ve re­cently joined the com­pany my­self, and our old stu­dio be­came pretty snug as part of this con­tin­u­ing ex­pan­sion.

We might have a grave­yard to the left of us and a dodgy ho­tel to the right, but we've been in our shiny new digs for a month now and it's still new and ex­cit­ing. The move has given us space to think, grow and es­cape when needed.

In any stu­dio, space is a big fac­tor. Clichéd as it sounds, with­out it you re­ally strug­gle to be able to fo­cus on what you need to do, let alone do it well. We're build­ing a pho­to­graphic area so we can cre­ate our own shoots in the stu­dio, both for client and proac­tive Halo ini­tia­tives. This lets the guys cut loose cre­atively, show off what else is go­ing on in their heads, then share it to at­tract other in­ter­est­ing, cre­ative op­por­tu­ni­ties. Ob­vi­ously the oblig­a­tory pool ta­ble and beer fridges help…

Be­cause we've been here for such a brief time, the Halo stu­dio is still chang­ing. We're cre­at­ing a be­spoke cre­ative en­vi­ron­ment that will hope­fully help every­one thrive both cre­atively and ca­reer­wise. I think that's nice. Space, space and more space is dif­fer­ent. Oh, and there's a Friska down­stairs, al­ways handy for caf­feine-fu­eled af­ter­noons.

In terms of spe­cific stu­dio ar­eas, we have a few items and trin­kets that help keep our heads clear when­ever we need

to get into that cre­ative flow. This upcycled chair (1), for ex­am­ple, might be a retro re­hash but I love It. It gives it more char­ac­ter, it's more com­fort­able and that is just like us at Halo. And yes, it might be func­tional, but what's a good cre­ative space with a cork board (2)? It's use­ful to have a wall space to throw ideas onto.

We're a di­verse bunch of char­ac­ters at Halo, mean­ing at times we've been known to wear some weird shit. This comic book cover ta­ble top (3) is the per­fect em­bod­i­ment of that. It's our way of recog­nis­ing that some­times we're pre­judged, but we're com­fort­able with it and take it in our stride if any­thing. And while we're on the sub­ject, we like to think of our­selves as quite rock ‘n' roll (4) too, hence the stra­to­caster, amp, and booze.

Every­one likes to feel at home. That's what this retro-style cup­board (5) la­belled with a bunch of things does for me. It might look like it's just been ripped right out of the old Chan­nel 4 sit­com Nathan Bar­ley, but I knew it the first time I saw it I wanted it in the stu­dio.

Kelly Fin­negan is the newly ap­pointed cre­ative di­rec­tor of Halo, a cre­ative agency based in cen­tral Bris­tol. http://weare­

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