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“There’s a trend for cut type at the mo­ment, we’re see­ing a lot of both ser­ifs and ser­ifs that are ei­ther cut, or tak­ing clean let­ter­forms that are slightly em­bel­lished, like the re­cent Deben­hams re­brand. “Lots of brands are adapt­ing type to pro­vide a level of own­er­ship: if you look at the re­design had by Greek yo­ghurt brand Chobani, we’re see­ing a much friend­lier take on type that’s rounded and not as harsh. Maybe a decade ago we were see­ing a lot of brands look to Swiss Style, but that can get quite soul­less or cold. Char­ac­ter and hu­man­ity are coming back in, and there’s more charm. Punc­tu­a­tion marks are also mak­ing a come­back: a lot of names are ab­bre­vi­ated so lo­gos are mak­ing use of the full stop you find in an ‘inc.’ or ‘ltd.’ “A big evo­lu­tion is lo­gos that are adding gra­di­ent colour to a sim­ple, flat shape: when you look at the square of the Face­book or Shazam icon, there’s a sub­tle shift in the blue. For Shazam, that sug­gests that it has life, or in this case mu­sic – so we’re see­ing that move from classic de­sign to a sense of move­ment that’s more screen-friendly. “An­other thing I’ve no­ticed since the last re­ces­sion is that lots of brands are in­tro­duc­ing the date they were founded – they have to re­mind us they’ve been there for­ever and bring in the sense of prove­nance. That’s even true for new brands: there’s no shame now in say­ing ‘Est. 2018’, as it gives a her­itage feel even if there’s no real prov­i­dence there. “One area to keep an eye on be­cause of its growth is all the cannabis brands: the plant is as old as the hills but the brands that are launch­ing in favour of its le­gal­i­sa­tion look to re­move any stigma, and re­po­si­tion it as a lifestyle or wellness prod­uct for health-con­scious in­di­vid­u­als. The de­signs are el­e­gant and mod­ern, but with al­most a sense of spir­i­tu­al­ity, mys­tery and rit­ual, like a mod­ern cult.”

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