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“It’s al­ways in­ter­est­ing to see how cus­tomers use a type­face af­ter you re­lease a font”

them­selves. The idea was to recre­ate a key piece of ac­tion, a char­ac­ter or the at­mos­phere. In the case of Alien, the in­spi­ra­tion was the vi­cious scene in which the crea­ture’s larva emerges from the ac­tor’s body. With Bird­man I was in­spired by the movie poster. An Af­fair to Re­mem­ber ref­er­ences the Em­pire State Build­ing, where the char­ac­ters meet.

Ale is not a fan of Harry Pot­ter, so I wasn’t sure about us­ing the lev­i­ta­tion spell for that one. When he saw the an­i­ma­tion of Win­gardium Le­viosa he wanted to use dif­fer­ent text or a dif­fer­ent film. But then I think he saw the scene or some­one told him how im­por­tant it was, and he de­cided to leave it.

Work­ing on the an­i­ma­tions was in­tense, but I had fun play­ing with the let­ters and telling sto­ries with them. If Ale hadn’t told me to stop, I’d prob­a­bly still be an­i­mat­ing them. When I work on a type­face, I’m al­ways think­ing about how I’ll present it and how it will be used. The pos­si­bil­ity of us­ing Fix­ture for film ti­tles led to me ask­ing Vanessa to work with it, show­ing the type­face and its widths in dif­fer­ent ways.

I’m very happy with it and peo­ple seem to like it. It’s al­ways in­ter­est­ing to see how cus­tomers use a type­face af­ter you re­lease a font. It will be great if it’s used for movie ti­tles at some point.

I think what’s sur­prised peo­ple the most is how I’ve moved out of my com­fort zone with Fix­ture. They’re used to see­ing cal­li­graphic stuff from Sudti­pos, but the re­ac­tion has been pos­i­tive. We’ll be work­ing on more sans serif fam­i­lies, some re­verse con­trast stuff, some vari­able script fonts and some colour fonts. Hope­fully th­ese will sur­prise peo­ple as well.

07 Drip­ping with the blood of its host, the par­a­sitic alien E bursts out in this filmin­spired an­i­ma­tion by Zúñiga. 07

08 In this an­i­ma­tion, each let­ter morphs from one style and weight to an­other, for an ac­cor­dion­style ef­fect. 08

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