The UK trance pro­ducer is tak­ing sound in a new di­rec­tion... his lat­est al­bum’s been mixed in 3D!

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AP­PLE LOGIC PRO X “It’s been Logic all the way for me. When you’ve been us­ing some­thing for that long, you kind of evolve along with it; you al­ter your tech­nique to suit each up­grade. I’m al­most at the point where I could make a track with my eyes closed! And surely that’s the best way to use any tool or in­stru­ment in the stu­dio. When it be­comes sec­ond na­ture, there’s no in­ter­rup­tion in the cre­ative process.” UNI­VER­SAL AU­DIO LEXICON 224 “When I’m putting a song to­gether, all the pro­duc­tion side of things gets done in Logic. But once I’m ready to get a fin­ished prod­uct, I’ll bring in the UAD stuff. The 224 is spec­tac­u­lar and gets used on all my vo­cals. I don’t think I’ve heard a bet­ter re­verb.” RE­VEAL-SOUND SPIRE “I grew up with hard­ware synths, but I’ve put them all in stor­age. These days, the stu­dio is in the lap­top. OK, you lose some­thing from the sound, but you gain so much more in work­flow. Like Logic, this is a piece of soft­ware I know so well. Un­pro­cessed, it has its lim­i­ta­tions, but with the right plu­g­ins, it’s a bril­liant and tex­tu­rally-in­ter­est­ing all-rounder.” ROB PAPEN PREDA­TOR “Ev­ery now and then, you con­vince your­self that you need a rad­i­cal new bass sound. I’m sure it hap­pens to ev­ery pro­ducer! When I first had a mess around with Preda­tor, I re­ally felt like I’d found some­thing dif­fer­ent… that mix of sub and hard pitch­ing. If you lis­ten to the track One More Night In Stars from the new al­bum, that’s all Preda­tor bass.” DOLBY AT­MOS PRO­DUC­TION SUITE “The first time I heard this, it blew my mind! It gives you the feel­ing that you’re re­ally fly­ing; be­ing able to move sound any­where in the 3D space. And, as a lis­tener, you feel like you’re in the mid­dle of a to­tally im­mer­sive piece of mu­sic. At the mo­ment, the price of the hard­ware is quite lim­it­ing, but… will this be the way we lis­ten to mu­sic in the fu­ture?”

“You’re in the mid­dle of a to­tally im­mer­sive piece of mu­sic”

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