Mod­u­lar en­vi­ron­ments

Patch your own vir­tual sonic ad­ven­tures with these sys­tems

Computer Music - - Roundup -

Sof­t­ube Mod­u­lar

An em­u­lated Euro­rack setup in your DAW

Karma FX Synth

A sim­ple setup with all the build­ing blocks you need to cre­ate com­plex rout­ings


A thor­oughly dig­i­tal-style vir­tual mod­u­lar setup avail­able for Mac/PC as well as iOS

Reak­tor Blocks

These Euro­rack-style mod­ules blur the lines be­tween Reak­tor’s zoomed-in and zoomed-out ways of work­ing

Plogue Bid­ule

Vet­eran en­vi­ron­ment, ex­cel­lent for live play and com­plex sig­nal trick­ery

VCV Rack

Free and open-source mod­u­lar en­vi­ron­ment for Mac, Win­dows and Linux

Stein­berg Model E

The grandad of Min­i­moog em­u­la­tions, now avail­able for free from

Soni­gen Mod­u­lar

A PC-only rig decked with re­al­is­tic-style ca­ble graph­ics, raph­ics, ready to be patched to the hilt

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