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1. Get a track un­der your belt

Computer Music - - Make Music Now | 2018 Studio Workout -

1 Start 2018 as you mean to go on and get a track fin­ished as quickly as pos­si­ble us­ing only sam­ple packs, synth pre­sets and other easy so­lu­tions. This is great psy­cho­log­i­cal mo­ti­va­tion to get you in the headspace of a ‘track fin­isher’ for the rest of the year. We’ve started with some drums from an old sam­ple pack. 3 Once we’ve got the rhythm track and mu­si­cal el­e­ments sound­ing on point, we can ar­range the loop into a longer piece of mu­sic. We add sound ef­fects and fills from other sam­ple packs to beef up the ar­range­ment, mak­ing the whole track more in­ter­est­ing. A sprin­kling of am­bi­ent re­verb adds ex­tra flavour. 2 Cubase’s Chord Pads make light work of cre­at­ing mu­si­cally pol­ished chord pro­gres­sions. These not only sound slick when trig­ger­ing a vir­tual synth, but can also be a great way of learn­ing more about mu­sic the­ory. We can de­con­struct these chords fur­ther to cre­ate com­ple­men­tary leads and basslines in a flash – easy! 4 Af­ter a bit of ba­sic mix­ing (vol­ume lev­els, EQ and fil­ter­ing) to sweeten the sound up, we’ve ended up with an ar­ranged track that sounds great. Peo­ple con­sider mak­ing tracks from sam­ple packs and pre­made sources to be cheat­ing, but what­ever your at­ti­tude, it’s a su­perb mo­ti­va­tional ex­er­cise!

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