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If you’re an Xfer Serum user, head straight to this is­sue’s FileSilo page to down­load the

Tu­to­rial Files folder. In­side, you’ll find a be­spoke col­lec­tion of Reese pre­sets, all syn­the­sised from scratch for copy­right-free use in your pro­duc­tions. There’s every­thing from clas­sic rum­bling sam­ples rem­i­nis­cent of the orig­i­nal sam­pled Reeses from the 90s, through to vi­cious lead-style tim­bres and heav­ily pro­cessed tearout leads and midrange wob­bles.

While you’re ex­plor­ing these ex­clu­sive patches, head into Serum’s FX pane and de­con­struct our pro­cess­ing. Most of our ex­am­ples utilise the synth’s in­built dis­tor­tion and com­pres­sor mod­ules to get that ex­tra crunch and girth that mod­ern bass patches re­quire. And we’ve also di­alled in spa­tial ef­fects to cre­atively boost and en­hance the stereo im­age.

Most im­por­tantly, though, is the mod­u­la­tion we’ve used. Mod­ern-day Reeses rely on in­tri­cate move­ment over time, and we’ve achieved this by us­ing LFOs and en­velopes to sweep wavetable po­si­tion, FM amount and other pa­ram­e­ters. Plus, many of the pre­sets have pre­as­signed macros, so you can in­stantly tweak the sounds in a per­for­mance sce­nario.

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