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3. New au­to­ma­tion tricks in Cubase 9.5

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1 At long last, with ver­sion 9.5, Cubase’s au­to­ma­tion curves get Bezier con­trol. No longer re­stricted to lin­ear move­ments, pa­ram­e­ter changes can now be eas­ily cus­tomised to fol­low what­ever curve you like. And that’s the just the start of the new au­to­ma­tion fea­tures…

2 We’ll click the down­ward ar­row in the track header to open the track au­to­ma­tion. By de­fault, it’s honed in on track vol­ume. That’s fine for our needs. We’ll draw a cou­ple of nodes in. A round han­dle ap­pears be­tween our nodes. This can be used to ad­just the curve.

3 You can make all sorts of curves us­ing this one han­dle. Ex­per­i­ment by drag­ging it left, right, up down to cre­ate dif­fer­ent shapes. Note that there is also a lit­tle di­a­mond-shaped han­dle at the top of the track and be­tween the nodes we cre­ated. We can use that han­dle to drag the whole curve. Very use­ful!

4 Now for our favourite new au­to­ma­tion fea­ture: use the mouse to draw around and se­lect our cre­ated au­to­ma­tion ac­tions. The se­lected area will be­come ‘greyed out’. Now we can use the mouse to grab it and move it around the track as we like. Bet­ter yet, the se­lected area can be copied and pasted wher­ever you like!

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