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4. Load­ing and us­ing Cubase 9.5’s Flux wavetable synth

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1 DAW up­dates of­ten come packed with new in­stru­ment and ef­fect plu­g­ins. Ver­sion 9.5 con­tains a doozy in the form of Flux, an ul­tra-mod­ern synth. How­ever, to ac­cess it, we must fire up an in­stance of HALion Sonic SE.

2 With the Load win­dow open, we’ll click the orange All In­stru­ment Data slot above the Load browser to re­veal sev­eral in­stru­ments, with Flux among them. This is no mere sam­ple-play­back li­brary, but a full-on wavetable and gran­u­lar synth with all the trim­mings. Let’s se­lect and open it.

3 The browser now shows only the Flux pre­set patches. We’ll choose one from the Synth Leads cat­e­gory – Tremors should do nicely. For our demon­stra­tion, we’ll zero out the Multi De­lay Mix and Re­verb Mix knobs be­low. Next, we’ll click the Edit tab to ac­cess Flux’s pa­ram­e­ters.

4 There are two wave­form dis­plays near the top. There are two Osc but­tons for ac­ti­vat­ing the os­cil­la­tors. Let’s de­ac­ti­vate Osc 2 (the one on the right) so we hear only Osc 1 (along with a very short burst of noise at the start). There is still some mo­tion in this os­cil­la­tor and the wave­form changes when we hold a note.

5 Waveta­bles are strings of sin­gle-cy­cle waves chained end-to-end. In­ter­est is gen­er­ated by mod­u­lat­ing through those waves. Let’s turn the Po­si­tion knob all the way down, so that we hear only the first wave with no mod­u­la­tion. That sounds like a stan­dard sub­trac­tive patch now. Let’s click the Mod but­ton above the wave­form dis­play.

6 This ac­cesses the Mod­u­la­tion Ma­trix. In the top slot, we see that an en­ve­lope is as­signed to mod­u­late the wavetable po­si­tion of Osc 1, but neg­a­tively. Be­cause we turned our Po­si­tion all the way down, it no longer works. Try crank­ing the Depth amount slider fully to the right. We can now hear Flux cycling through its waves in the reverse di­rec­tion. Very in­trigu­ing!

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