Has mod­ern tech­nol­ogy made the live show eas­ier?

Computer Music - - Interview | Vince Clarke -

“The short an­swer is yes. I no longer have to carry around a bunch of synths that are 40 years old… but that also means I’ve not got very much to do on stage. I’ve never been able to dance, which is why I use the gui­tar.

“Euro­rack is pos­si­bly the way for­ward. I’ve got a few bits in the stu­dio and they did get used on the new al­bum. What I re­ally like about them is that, like my old synths, they’re slightly un­pre­dictable; you ex­pect them to do ‘this’, but the sound is way over here. Then you’ve got the new gen­er­a­tion of ‘ana­logue’ synths. Ana­logue sound with­out the dan­ger that you’ll dam­age a tran­sis­tor when it falls out of the tour bus. There’s a chance I might be tak­ing one or two of those out on this tour.

“Even though I can’t dance, it would be nice to twid­dle the odd knob now and again.”

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