A Glitch in the sys­tem

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Rooted in Sches’ Tantra ef­fects plugin, Thorn’s Glitch Se­quencer is a glee­fully filthy step se­quenc­ing mul­ti­ef­fects sec­tion com­pris­ing six rhyth­mi­cally mod­u­lated au­dio pro­ces­sors: Gate, Low Pass and High Pass Fil­ters, Bit Crusher, Sam­ple Rate Re­ducer and Re­peater.

The se­quencer runs at rates from 1/32 to 4/1, through up to 16 steps. Each mod­ule is con­trolled by a sin­gle slider in each step, gov­ern­ing gate time, fil­ter cut­off fre­quency, bit depth, sam­ple Rate, and num­ber (and thus speed) of re­peats. Mod­ules are switched in and out us­ing the power but­tons at the left-hand end, while the R but­tons on the op­po­site side ran­domise the slid­ers in each lane. A choice of two Sync op­tions have the se­quencer re­trig­ger­ing with each new note, or af­ter the amp en­ve­lope Re­lease stage; and the global Mix con­trol blends the wet out­put with the dry sig­nal.

The Glitch Se­quencer is ut­terly bril­liant, whether you just want to add a bit of funky pul­sa­tion to a pad by fling­ing the Gate and fil­ters around, or go all-out with the Re­peater or dis­tor­tion mod­ules to con­struct a sear­ing lead or bassline. The ic­ing on the cake is that it can be placed pre or post FX, en­abling re­verb and de­lay tails to be included or ex­cluded as you see fit.

The Glitch Se­quencer is im­mense fun, and sounds men­tal

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