Mix­ing and duck­ing

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Toraverb’s mix­ing func­tions took in a bal­ance (X-Fader) con­trol for the Early and Late re­flec­tions, plus knobs for Wet Gain and Dry/ Wet FX mix. Toraverb 2 goes much fur­ther.

The Early and Late sig­nals are now gov­erned by their own Gain di­als, and can be in­di­vid­u­ally panned from left to right, or ad­justed in terms of mid/sides stereo bal­ance. Then there’s the FX Curve knob, which al­ters the mix curve of the Dry/Wet FX con­trol, from a reg­u­lar cross­fade to both sig­nals out­putting 100% at the centre point, with the dry sig­nal at­ten­u­at­ing as FX is twisted clock­wise, and wet fall­ing away as it’s turned an­ti­clock­wise.

Best of all, though, is the Duck­ing sec­tion. Rais­ing the Duck­ing pa­ram­e­ter in­creases the amount of com­pres­sion ap­plied to the wet sig­nal when­ever the dry sig­nal is present, re­gard­less of Dry/Wet mix, with the Att/Rel knob set­ting the at­tack and re­lease tim­ing. Per­fect for de­clut­ter­ing over­whelm­ing tails.

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