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As well as pro­vid­ing pos­si­bly the most ver­sa­tile ro­tary speaker model we’ve ever seen, EARe­volve also lets you get hands-on with the mi­cro­phones pick­ing it up, al­ter the size of the speaker as a whole, and throw it around within a vir­tual room.

The speaker is scal­able from a tiny 1mm to a sur­real 20m in di­am­e­ter, as an ab­so­lute value or a per­cent­age of the (square) Room Size, which ranges from 1-20m on all four sides, as rep­re­sented by the main dis­play. The Room em­u­la­tion is an oper­a­tionally straight­for­ward re­verb al­go­rithm, of­fer­ing con­trol of Early Re­flec­tion amount and the de­gree to which the dis­tance of the speaker from the mics re­duces vol­ume.

The two mics (Left or Mid and Right or Side) are highly con­fig­urable, with ad­justable pa­ram­e­ters in­clud­ing hor­i­zon­tal spac­ing, an­gles, front and rear re­sponse pat­terns, and di­rec­tiv­ity (om­ni­di­rec­tional to tightly fo­cused).

The speaker can be moved man­u­ally within the room by drag­ging it around, or ro­tated au­to­mat­i­cally along the cir­cu­lar or el­lip­ti­cal path de­fined us­ing the Po­si­tion sec­tion’s X/Y Depth and Cen­ter knobs, at the speed set by the Rate knob (up to 400rpm/6.67Hz). All of this is vi­su­alised per­fectly in the dis­play, along with the mic pat­terns.

Fling the whole speaker cab around and po­si­tion the mics

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