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1. De­sign­ing a Dom­i­na­tor- style hoover with Au­dioReal­ism ReDom­i­na­tor

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1 Let’s dive in and syn­the­sise the clas­sic hoover sound for our­selves us­ing Au­dioReal­ism’s ReDom­i­na­tor, a Roland Al­pha Juno em­u­la­tion. Af­ter im­port­ing the

Tu­to­rial Files into a blank 140bpm project, load ReDom­i­na­tor onto the Hoover MIDI track. Click the pre­set dis­play (top cen­tre) and se­lect Ini­tial­ize Patch to re­set the synth’s pa­ram­e­ters.

2 We kick off by set­ting both the Pulse and Saw os­cil­la­tors to 3(PWM); th­ese wave­shapes sound fat and will let us mod­u­late their pulse widths later on. Turn ReDom­i­na­tor’s Mas­ter vol­ume down to around 50 to pre­vent clip­ping, then set the Sub os­cil­la­tor to 5. Push­ing the Sub

Level to 3 mixes in the sub os­cil­la­tor for ex­tra weight.

3 Turn­ing up the Pulse Width Mod­u­la­tion ( PWM) to full and PWM

Rate to around 100 gives the de­tuned, rasp­ing tone we’re af­ter, but we need to mod­u­late the os­cil­la­tor pitch as well. Start by push­ing the Pitch Env amount up to

127 so that ReDom­i­na­tor’s en­ve­lope con­trols the pitch, then set Range to 3 to de­tune the patch by one oc­tave. 4 ReDom­i­na­tor’s en­ve­lope is dif­fer­ent to a tra­di­tional ADSR. While slid­ers T1-T4 nom­i­nally con­trol the at­tack, de­cay, sus­tain and re­lease, slid­ers L1-L3 ad­just the level of mod­u­la­tion that slid­ers T1-T3 ap­ply. This gives a greater, if slightly un­usual, level of con­trol over the en­ve­lope. Start shap­ing the pitch by set­ting the T1-T4 slid­ers to around 50. 5 Ad­just the L1-L3 slid­ers un­til you’ve shaped the pitch en­ve­lope to your lik­ing. We’ve set L1 at 90 for that trade­mark pitched at­tack, and L2 to 127 and L3 to around 100 to make the pitch fall more slowly. Mod­u­lat­ing the VCA (volt­age con­trolled am­pli­fier) makes each note more pro­nounced: set the Env mode to Env and Amount to 30. 6 We dial in a bit of ReDom­i­na­tor’s Cho­rus (bot­tom right) to add some stereo width and depth to the sound – we set the Rate to around 60 for a cleaner, less ob­vi­ous ef­fect. To fin­ish off, we add some ana­logue warmth to the fin­ished hoover us­ing Son­imus Sat­sonCM, and roll some bass off with its high-pass fil­ter.

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