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5. Craft­ing a bouncy rave bass with u-he Diva

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1 Let’s cre­ate a clas­sic, bouncy rave bass us­ing u-he’s beastly Diva synth. Af­ter drop­ping the Tu­to­rial Files into a blank 140bpm project, call up Diva on a fresh MIDI track. Start by open­ing the Pre­sets menu and choos­ing the Init –

Minipoly pre­set to re­set the synth. Next, set Os­cil­la­tor 1’s Wave­form to Saw­tooth and Os­cil­la­tor 2’s to Square.

2 To give the patch more low weight, tune Os­cil­la­tor 2 down one oc­tave by set­ting Range to 16'. We can ac­cent this more by turn­ing Os­cil­la­tor 1’s Vol­ume down to 42 and Os­cil­la­tor 2’s Vol­ume up to 100. Now, we can sculpt our sound us­ing Diva’s fil­ter and en­ve­lope. Set the Fil­ter type to Mul­ti­mode for a sharper, brighter sound.

3 Af­ter set­ting the Fil­ter Cut­off and Res­o­nance to around 50, mod­u­late the cut­off with the Amp en­ve­lope: se­lect Env 1 from the drop­down box, then set the amount to 50. We can now shape our sound us­ing one en­ve­lope. Dial in the At­tack, De­cay and Re­lease con­trols to around 15, then in­crease the Sus­tain amount to your taste.

4 We’ll fin­ish off by fat­ten­ing up the sound. First, tweak Os­cil­la­tor 2’s De­tune by around 40 cents to give a richer, de­tuned tone. Add a lit­tle Feed­back and Noise to make the sound more or­ganic and less per­fect. Fi­nally, set­ting the Note Pri­or­ity to Last and Stack to 2 dou­bles the amount of voices used for a beefier over­all sig­nal.

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