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Ar­rang­ing mu­sic in a DAW is a some­what un­in­tu­itive skill that takes years to mas­ter. ‘Proper’ bands jam to­gether with feel­ing, but us com­puter mu­si­cians are forced to drag blocks around on a screen in the hope that a short sketch will ex­tend it­self into a fully-fledged song. With such a tech­ni­cal process driv­ing such an emo­tional art form, it’s no won­der that so many pro­duc­ers crank out 16-bar loops with­out re­ally fin­ish­ing any­thing worth­while.

It takes fo­cus and ef­fort to es­cape this com­mon trap of ‘loo­pi­tis’. But it can be done. Arm your­self with the knowl­edge, tools and tech­niques re­quired, and your forced at­tempts at fin­ish­ing tracks will evolve into flow­ing floods of in­spi­ra­tion, to the point where your mu­sic will al­most write it­self. Sound good? Then head to p22 and find out how to Ar­range Tracks Like A Pro!

Once you’re done, con­grat­u­la­tions! Now comes the even harder task of mak­ing the whole thing sound co­he­sive, punchy, dy­namic and weighty, just like all those records you like. And guess what? With this mag, you get a world­class mix­ing plugin that’s guar­an­teed to help you achieve that warmth and fat­ness. So skip to p54, in­stall and au­tho­rise IK Mul­ti­me­dia’s mind­blow­ing White 2A on your com­puter, then treat your lat­est mix ses­sion to its ex­pen­sive, smooth sound. EN­JOY THE IS­SUE

“So many pro­duc­ers crank out 16-bar loops with­out fin­ish­ing…”

Joe Ros­sit­ter Ed­i­tor

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