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1. Ba­sic pop struc­ture

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1 Ar­range­ment from the point of view of the av­er­age com­puter mu­si­cian mainly refers to the or­der in which the sec­tions of a song are se­quenced. Us­ing the al­pha­bet to rep­re­sent these, one of the most well-used struc­tures in pop is the ABABCB for­mat, made of three sec­tions: verse, cho­rus and bridge. 2 The A sec­tion rep­re­sents the verse, while the B sec­tion rep­re­sents the cho­rus. At the sim­plest level, a song might be­gin with a verse of eight or 16 bars, fol­lowed by a cho­rus of a sim­i­lar length, to give a ba­sic AB struc­ture. This whole seg­ment would then be re­peated with a sec­ond verse and cho­rus, giv­ing us ABAB. 3 The C sec­tion is a kind of breath­ing space in the mid­dle, known as the ‘mid­dle eight’ or ‘bridge’. This gives the lis­tener some­thing dif­fer­ent be­fore the cho­rus re­peats again at the end of the song. This seg­ment is known as the outro cho­rus – so ul­ti­mately we end up with ABABCB.

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