Method 1 – Drag and drop via Tab key

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The de­fault hotkey for switch­ing be­tween Live’s two modes is your QW­ERTY key­board’s Tab key, and you can use it to trans­fer clips from one view to the other and back again. In Ses­sion View, click to select the clips you want to trans­fer – in­di­vid­ual ones or a mul­ti­ple se­lec­tion – and click-hold on one of the se­lected clips. While hold­ing, hit the Tab key to switch to Ar­range­ment view, then drag the clip to the de­sired po­si­tion in the time­line and re­lease – sim­ple! The abil­ity to select mul­ti­ple clips at once lets you build up a solid ar­range­ment fairly quickly us­ing this method, and the bonus is that it also works in re­verse. If you record a new idea di­rectly into the Ar­range­ment View that you want to ex­per­i­ment with fur­ther, you can drag it into Ses­sion View us­ing the Tab key in ex­actly the same way.

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