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If us­ing the Ar­range­ment View doesn’t ap­peal, you can still use the Ses­sion View to gen­er­ate ar­range­ment ideas in the form of Scenes. If you have mul­ti­ple clips laid out in the Ses­sion View, ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions by play­ing one clip at a time, then mix­ing it with oth­ers one by one. When you hit a com­bi­na­tion that works, turn it into a Scene by se­lect­ing Cap­ture and In­sert Scene from the Cre­ate menu. Give it a suit­able la­bel (verse, break­down, etc), then try a few more com­bi­na­tions of dif­fer­ent clips. Once you’ve built a few Scenes, try play­ing them in dif­fer­ent se­quences to sketch out rough ar­range­ments.

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