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Ap­ple’s Logic Pro X has evolved into a true pro­duc­tion pow­er­house since the com­pany ac­quired it from Emagic, back when di­nosaurs roamed the Earth. One of the many de­vel­op­ments that have been added to the app over the years is the ad­di­tion of a ded­i­cated Ar­range­ment track, in­tended to make it eas­ier to come up with new ar­range­ment ideas with the min­i­mum of fuss and bother, by lit­er­ally pick­ing up chunks of your song up and mov­ing them around on the time­line into what­ever or­der you like.

The Ar­range­ment track works by treat­ing song sec­tions as sin­gle en­ti­ties to be re­lo­cated at will – pick­ing up a sec­tion col­lects all of the re­gions on all of the tracks con­tained ver­ti­cally within it. Not only is this great for play­ing around with ar­range­ments of your own tracks, it’s also a bril­liantly sim­ple way of cre­at­ing ex­tended ver­sions of songs you like – drag the MP3 into Logic, sync it to the grid us­ing the Adapt Pro­ject Tempo to Re­gion Tempo com­mand, then get rid of that an­noy­ing trum­pet solo and ex­tend that catchy outro cho­rus to your heart’s con­tent!

To see the Ar­range­ment track, you first have to make sure it’s set to be vis­i­ble in the Global Tracks area that ap­pears above the reg­u­lar track head­ers in Logic’s main win­dow. To do this, sim­ply hit the Alt-G key com­mand to re­veal the Global Tracks Con­fig­u­ra­tion popup, and tick the Ar­range­ment check­box. Once the track is vis­i­ble, you can re­po­si­tion it ver­ti­cally in the global track list (so you can sit­u­ate it di­rectly above the main win­dow if you like), and make it taller by drag­ging the di­vider above the track head­ers down­wards.

Logic Pro’s Ar­range­ment track is a real time­saver when it comes to song con­struc­tion

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