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4. Us­ing Logic’s Ar­range­ment track

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1 Open Global Tracks to re­veal the Ar­range­ment track. Hit the + but­ton in or­der to cre­ate a new ar­range marker, and drag the right edge out to the re­quired length of your first song sec­tion. The de­fault length for a new ar­range marker would be eight bars. 2 New mark­ers are ti­tled au­to­mat­i­cally from a menu of ex­ist­ing names. Choose one that suits, or re­name it by choos­ing Re­name from the menu. You can also colour code re­gions by press­ing Op­tion-C and as­sign­ing a colour to each high­lighted marker. 3 Con­struct the rest of your Ar­range­ment track by hit­ting the + but­ton, drag­ging new mark­ers out to the re­quired lengths and re­nam­ing them as you go. Each new marker will al­ways ap­pear ‘glued’ to the right-hand edge of the pre­vi­ous marker. 4 Now for the cool bit. To move a whole sec­tion from one place in the song to an­other, sim­ply drag it along the Ar­range­ment track to its new lo­ca­tion. The other mark­ers will snap to­gether to fill the gap so that the new ar­range­ment flows seam­lessly. 5 To copy a marker – in or­der to cre­ate an­other cho­rus, say – hold down the Op­tion key while drag­ging. The new copy will be placed be­fore the start of the marker over which you re­lease it. 6 Delete an ar­range marker by hit­ting Backspace twice – first to delete the re­gions be­low it, then the marker it­self. To delete mark­ers with­out delet­ing the re­gions of the song that are as­so­ci­ated with them, select Sus­pend Con­tent Con­nec­tion be­fore hit­ting the but­ton.

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