Start­ing the track with string chords

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No Sleep’s foun­da­tion is the chord pro­gres­sion that runs through­out, start­ing with the strings in the in­tro. Ian ex­plains: “The strings form the ba­sis of this track, with these two chords loop­ing. It’s just a Kon­takt in­stru­ment with a few plug­ins. We gen­er­ally use Kon­takt for strings.”

The raw strings are pro­cessed with var­i­ous plug­ins. “We’ve got the J37 tape em­u­la­tion, to make them sound rougher. We’ve also got the iZo­tope Vinyl plugin – be­fore that it’s got more top end; and with [Vinyl] on; with the Wear up here, it soft­ens them. Af­ter that, we’ve got [Logic Pro’s] Di­rec­tion Mixer. That brings the Spread in to 0.4, so it doesn’t get lost when summed to mono.” “It’s quite a wide sam­ple,” says Tom. “When we’ve played our tunes in a club, if the setup is mono, some of the sounds get lost.”

“And strings tend to be wide be­cause of how they’re recorded,” Ian adds, by­pass­ing the Di­rec­tion Mixer plugin. “You can hear that’s a lot wider, so it might get lost a bit. That’s how the track started.”

Waves’ J37 tape plugin is used to send the strings back in time

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