The Funky Drum­mer break

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The time­less break from James Brown’s Funky Drum­mer works a treat in NoSleep, mak­ing its pres­ence felt from the word go. “We use quite a lot of old-school sound­ing drum breaks in our tracks,” says Tom.

“So we had that pro­gres­sion,” Ian con­tin­ues, “and then we dropped this fa­mous break in and it worked re­ally nicely with the strings. Then we started lay­er­ing up some other hits that we liked the sound of – chopped up sam­ples…” He so­los a track con­tain­ing a sliced-up loop. “That was an old hip-hop break that we chopped up for cool lit­tle hits.”

Tom adds: “We go through loads and loads of lit­tle drum bits to add in to our grooves, rather than just us­ing one break or one loop to make up the drums. We’ll try and add lit­tle bits and bobs in, in or­der to give it a bit more flavour and make things a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent.”

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