Dual sub basslines

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As the in­tro de­vel­ops, var­i­ous synths and sam­pled sounds join in with the chords, and the bassline kicks off, un­der­pinned by two sub lay­ers.

In that new sec­tion they’ve added the bass and sub part. “We al­ways have a sub part in our tracks,” says Ian, “Com­ing from that club back­ground. It gives that nice bot­tom end. And in this par­tic­u­lar pro­ject, we lay­ered two dif­fer­ent subs. This one is just giv­ing at­tack and a bit of punch. You can hear we’ve taken the low end out of it, to get the ‘knock’. That’s sit­ting on top of our main sub, which is an 808.

“We’ve done some par­al­lel dis­tor­tion – just a Logic Amp De­signer with an EQ. We’ve taken out the low end and top end on the amp, and we send the 808 to that – just a tiny bit. It en­hances the har­mon­ics of the 808, brings it out more in the mix and gives it a lit­tle bit more at­ti­tude.”

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