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As well as a quiet spo­ken word layer, nabbed from an in­ter­view record­ing, NoSleep in­cludes a heav­ily pro­cessed vo­cal line. Ian clar­i­fies: “There are some lit­tle vo­cal sam­ples that we’ve used in the in­tro. Quite a lot of pro­cess­ing on them. What they’re say­ing isn’t re­ally au­di­ble, but it just gives a bit of in­ter­est to the in­tro. We’ve put the au­dio into the EXS24 sam­pler – it’s ac­tu­ally a male vo­cal. We’ve stuck Auto-Tune on it, pitched it up an oc­tave, and changed the tone of it – the Throat of the vo­cal – to make it sound more nat­u­ral and a bit less like a chip­munk.”

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