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Icarus get their tracks pro­fes­sion­ally mas­tered, so they pre­fer to keep the two-bus al­most empty, as Ian de­scribes. “We don’t tend to put a lot of plug­ins on or use any hard­ware com­pres­sion or EQ on our mas­ter – we leave it as open as pos­si­ble. We’ve been us­ing the same mas­ter­ing en­gi­neer for years – a guy called Beau at Ten Eight Seven Mas­ter­ing – and he knows ex­actly what we want out of each track now, so we’re in good hands with him. Oc­ca­sion­ally, though, we’ll use the UAD Pul­tec [EQ] plugin, just as is, no boosts or cuts on any­thing. We’ve just found that some­times it’ll slightly change the mix of the track and bring out a few el­e­ments, like the drums, es­pe­cially. It kind of tough­ens up cer­tain parts – it gives a bit more oomph to kicks and snares. We don’t use it ev­ery time, but it im­proved the mix a lit­tle bit here.”

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