Room im­prove­ment with Sonar­works

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“An­other rev­e­la­tion in our work­flow is Sonar­works. We dis­cov­ered it not long af­ter we moved into this cur­rent stu­dio. We were hav­ing some trou­ble, as you can prob­a­bly see from the [room re­sponse] graph: there’s quite a big dip around 100Hz, and around 200’s not great – the top end’s OK here. What Sonar­works does is an­a­lyse your room re­sponse, then EQ your mon­i­tors to try and make your room as flat as pos­si­ble. We’ve found that help­ful when mix­ing. Be­fore us­ing it in this room, we were over­com­pen­sat­ing, so around 100Hz we’d be boost­ing things, think­ing it was lack­ing where it was ac­tu­ally fine, and vicev­ersa around the low mids. It’s helped a lot.”

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