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2. How to use White 2A

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1 Al­though White 2A in­cludes a small li­brary of pre­sets, the plugin is so de­pen­dent on the na­ture and level of the in­put sig­nal that they’re re­ally only there for the sake of com­ple­tion. Take a quick tour of them if you like, then hit the Re­set switch to set ev­ery­thing back to de­fault.

2 The most im­por­tant con­trol is the Peak Re­duc­tion knob, which ad­justs the com­pres­sion thresh­old. At 0, no com­pres­sion is ap­plied at all, and as Peak Re­duc­tion in­creases, the thresh­old is pro­gres­sively low­ered, ap­ply­ing gain re­duc­tion first to just the peaks, and then more and more of the sig­nal, un­til at 100 the whole lot is com­pressed or lim­ited.

3 As a re­sult of the com­pres­sion, the over­all sig­nal will be qui­eter at the out­put than the in­put, to an ex­tent de­ter­mined by how far you’ve pushed the Peak Re­duc­tion. To com­pen­sate for this, sim­ply boost the out­put vol­ume by rais­ing the Gain knob.

4 The LA-2A only has two ra­tio set­tings: Limit and Com­press, tog­gled on White 2A with the switch at the bot­tom right. Com­press works at a ra­tio of some­where be­tween 3:1 and 4:1, de­pend­ing on the Peak Re­duc­tion set­ting and in­put level, while Limit ramps that up to inf:1.

5 When set to Com­press, the in­put sig­nal has to rise by 3 or 4dB to achieve just 1dB of gain at the out­put – ideal when you need trans­par­ent lev­el­ling of moder­ately over-dy­namic in­stru­ments. The Limit set­ting, on the other hand, ap­plies much heav­ier gain re­duc­tion for when you need to clamp down harder.

6 The LA-2A VU me­ter gives you three op­tions when it comes to vis­ually mon­i­tor­ing the sig­nal, se­lected with the knob be­low it. Out­put +4 and Out­put +10 modes me­ter the out­put level on two dif­fer­ent scales, while Gain Re­duc­tion mode lets you keep an eye on the amount of com­pres­sion be­ing ap­plied.

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