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3. Three things to try with White 2A

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1 The LA-2A works won­ders on drums when di­rectly in­serted, but for ex­tra con­trol, use it for par­al­lel com­pres­sion. Stick it on a send/re­turn bus, push the Peak Re­duc­tion to max and bal­ance the Gain, then raise the send to it from your drums un­til you find the right combo of source-sig­nal dy­nam­ics and LA-2A punch.

2 As well as the sonic mod­i­fi­ca­tion that’s brought in by the gain re­duc­tion, the ana­logue cir­cuitry of the LA-2A im­parts a warmth and vibe that could be ben­e­fi­cial to al­most any sig­nal. Here, you can hear White 2A as it not only en­hances the at­tack of the notes, but also sub­tly fat­tens up the over­all tone.

3 Un­like the real, mono LA-2A, White 2A is a stereo pro­ces­sor, and it can even work in mid-side mode, ap­ply­ing com­pres­sion in­de­pen­dently to the mono cen­tre and sides of a stereo sig­nal. Switch the con­trols be­tween the two with the M and S but­tons, and process both to­gether by click­ing the = but­ton.

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