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2. Ba­sic A/B ref­er­enc­ing (Sam­ple Magic’s Magic AB)

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1 We’d like to com­pare this mix against a com­mer­cially-mixed track, so we’ll call up ver­sion 2 of Sam­ple Magic’s Magic AB on the mas­ter chan­nel. Plac­ing this af­ter our mas­ter­ing plug­ins at the end of the chain en­sures that these pro­ces­sors won’t af­fect Magic AB’s sig­nal.

2 Magic AB fea­tures nine slots. We click in the first slot and grab a pro track from our hard drive. The track’s wave­form pop­u­lates the cen­tral win­dow – click through to start play­back from that point. The A and B but­tons switch be­tween our DAW out­put (A) and the ref­er­ence (B).

3 Magic AB play­back starts and stops in sync with our DAW – turn off Latch to keep the track run­ning. To set one of four cue points, place the play­head and hit one of the 1-4 but­tons. Hit the same but­ton to restart play­back from there. Once set, we can en­gage Loop and set a loop range around a sec­tion of the ref­er­ence track.

4 Even though we’ve tried to mas­ter our mix, the ref­er­ence sounds louder, so we turn this pro track down by -2.4dB in Magic AB by drag­ging its slider to the left. This ex­poses our mix as a lit­tle dull com­pared to the pro­fes­sion­ally mas­tered track, so we call up our mas­ter bus EQ and dial in more tre­ble ‘air’.

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