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3. Sig­nal tap­ping with Mel­daPro­duc­tion MCom­pare

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1 Mel­daPro­duc­tion’s MCom­pare can be used to in­stantly A/B be­tween two points in a chan­nel’s sig­nal path – for ex­am­ple, to lis­ten to your pre- and post­mas­ter pro­cess­ing with one click. Here, we load two in­stances of MCom­pare on our mas­ter out­put: one be­fore any ef­fects, the other at the end of the plugin chain.

2 Open the pre-ef­fects in­stance of MCom­pare and head to its Gen­er­ate Source tab. Click­ing on the Lis­ten­ing but­ton opens a drop­down where we can choose one of 16 source gen­er­a­tor slots – we select Gen­er­at­ing Source 1. The plugin now sends its out­put sig­nal to our sec­ond MCom­pare…

3 Open the sec­ond MCom­pare from the end of the sig­nal path; click Source 1. We now hear the sig­nal the first in­stance is send­ing, and we can A/B be­tween these pre- and post-ef­fects sig­nals with one click. Turn up this slot’s Gain (or ac­ti­vate ALC) to match the two sig­nals’ level and eval­u­ate your pro­cess­ing at equal vol­ume.

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