Cre­ate ris­ers with fre­quency shifters

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A fre­quency shifter plugin is great for cre­at­ing riser ef­fects. Most DAWs of­fer a pitch- or fre­quency-shift­ing plugin that will do the job, or check out p18 for a roundup of third-party pitchshifters. Be­gin by tak­ing a snip­pet of a mu­si­cal el­e­ment of your track, re­peat­ing it over eight bars and ren­der­ing the re­sult­ing eight-bar sec­tion as a new piece of au­dio. In Able­ton Live, do this by right-click­ing the track name and us­ing the Freeze Track and Flat­ten com­mands; in­sert the Fre­quency Shifter on the track; then set its Mix con­trol to 100% Wet and the Mode pa­ram­e­ter to Ring. Click the Fre­quency con­trol to re­veal its au­to­ma­tion lane in the Ar­range area, and cre­ate two au­to­ma­tion nodes – one at each end of the eight-bar au­dio re­gion. Set the first node quite low down, and the sec­ond up to­wards the top of the lane to cre­ate the riser ef­fect. Gar­nish with a sprin­kling of cre­ative ef­fects!

Able­ton Live’s Fre­quency Shifter is just the thing for get­ting a rise-r out of a dull sec­tion of any track

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