Icarus’ top five stu­dio essen­tials

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Soundtoys EchoBoy NA » NA » $199

Tom: “We use this all the time. A lot of other de­lays are quite dig­i­tal, which is nice for cer­tain things, but we tend to go for the Space Echo emu­la­tions or the Mem­ory Man set­ting here. There’s a nice bit of wob­ble on it.” soundtoys.com

Korg MS-20 Mini £420

Tom: “We tend to use emu­la­tions of clas­sic hard­ware a lot, but we par­tic­u­larly used the [hard­ware] MS-20 on our new track, for bass and a lit­tle square wave sound. We haven’t re­ally scratched the sur­face of it – there’s so much you can do with it.” korg.com

Spec­tra­son­ics Om­ni­sphere cm220 » 10/10 » $499

Ian: “The sound­bank is enor­mous, and it’s got lots of am­bi­ent and or­ganic sounds in it. You can get stuck in a rut with this synth, though, when us­ing it all the time – it can start to sound like a pre­set, with a ‘film score’ kind of vibe, so you need to be care­ful…” spec­tra­son­ics.net

UAD plug­ins from £69

Ian: “We’ve got the UA Apollo, and we al­ways use the LA-2A com­pres­sor on vo­cals. It’s su­per easy and it just makes ev­ery­thing sound good. We gen­er­ally use the Legacy one.” Tom: “It’s a proper go-to ev­ery time.” uau­dio.com

Au­dioEase Al­tiverb cm178 » 9/10 » €499

Ian: “It’s the dogs!” Tom: “They’re al­ways re­leas­ing new im­pulse re­sponses for it, and it’s al­ways ex­cit­ing to get new ma­te­rial to work with.” au­dioease.com

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