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Live’s Ses­sion View is a mighty sketch­pad for as­sem­bling clips into mul­ti­track se­quences, but if you’ve tran­si­tioned to the DAW from a tra­di­tional, lin­ear-based ar­rang­ing back­ground, its loop-based na­ture can at first seem re­stric­tive when it comes to de­vel­op­ing ideas into fully ar­ranged tracks. This is where the Ar­range­ment View comes in, en­abling you to chip away, move things around and gen­er­ally fi­nesse and fi­na­gle your pro­ject into some­thing that sounds like a fin­ished record with a proper be­gin­ning, mid­dle and end, rather than a set of re­peat­ing loops. But how do you get clips into the Ar­range­ment View to start with? Here are the two main meth­ods to con­sider…

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