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5. Us­ing Cubase’s Ar­ranger Track

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1 Here we have a sim­ple track made up of beats, a bassline, a vo­cal sam­ple and a cou­ple of synths. It’s es­sen­tially an eight-bar loop at the mo­ment, so to thrash out an ar­range­ment, we need to de­fine some sec­tions. We start by se­lect­ing all re­gions in the loop and re­peat­ing the whole thing a few times. 2 Now we go through each new sec­tion and re­move a few re­gions to cre­ate mul­ti­ple ver­sions of the loop made up of dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of parts. For ex­am­ple, here we’ve made one that just in­cludes vo­cal and synths, an­other with just the beat, a third with only the vo­cal and pad, and so on. 3 Next, select Pro­ject » Add Track »

Ar­ranger to cre­ate an Ar­ranger track (you can only have one per pro­ject). With the pen tool, click and drag along the Ar­ranger track for the length of the first sec­tion. This cre­ates our first Ar­ranger re­gion. Click the Name field in the up­per left cor­ner and type in a suit­able name. 4 Con­tinue to de­fine and name re­gions for the re­main­ing sec­tions in the pro­ject, then click the Ar­ranger track’s e but­ton to bring up its ed­i­tor. You should now see a list of the de­fined sec­tions or ‘Ar­ranger Events’ in the right hand col­umn. Click the Ac­ti­vate Ar­ranger Mode but­ton to en­able the Ar­ranger Track. 5 Dou­ble-click­ing or drag­ging any of these events into the left hand col­umn places them into the cur­rent Ar­ranger chain. If you hit Play with the Ar­ranger ac­tive, the sec­tions will play in the spec­i­fied or­der. Type num­bers into the

Re­peats col­umn to set how many times that sec­tion will play back be­fore mov­ing on to the next event in the list. 6 When you’ve ar­rived at an ar­range­ment you like, you can make it per­ma­nent by click­ing the Flat­ten but­ton. This trans­lates the or­der of events into a reg­u­lar lay­out of re­gions in the ex­ist­ing pro­ject, or ex­ports it out to a new pro­ject. There are also op­tions to keep the Ar­ranger Track ac­tive in the ren­dered pro­ject, or re­move it af­ter flat­ten­ing.

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