5. Pro­cess­ing our drums with ef­fects

Computer Music - - Make Music Now / Bitwig Studio 2 8-Track -

1 Let’s have some fun with our drum track. To loop a sec­tion, drag and high­light the area on the time­line, then select Time » Loop Se­lected Re­gion (or use the Ctrl/Cmd-L short­cut). Next, find the Bit-8 De­vice in the Browser and drag it onto the Drum Ma­chine track.

2 Given that we’re us­ing a TR-909 kit, our drums are pretty old-school al­ready. Now it’s pos­i­tively crusty! We can ut­terly de­stroy the sig­nal by crank­ing the Clock rate down to a mis­er­able 1.87 kHz and jam­ming the Quan­tize level up to -25dB. Crunchy!

3 The sound is now glo­ri­ously in­dus­trial. Let’s give it space by drag­ging and drop­ping an in­stance of the in­cluded Reverb de­vice to the right of 8-Bit. The de­fault Room sound is fine, but a bit much, so dial the Reverb’s Mix level down to around 16% for some room am­bi­ence.

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