10. Pro­cess­ing MIDI with Note FX

Computer Music - - Make Music Now / Bitwig Studio 2 8-Track -

1 Bitwig Stu­dio 8-Track in­cludes many Note FX plu­g­ins (ie, MIDI ef­fects) for con­trol­ling in­stru­ments. There’s a Note FX slot on our FM-4 synth’s up­per-right – click on it to add one, then click the blue + that ap­pears. In the new Browser win­dow, find the Note FX cat­e­gory and click that. In the Note FX on the right, choose Ar­peg­gia­tor.

2 Click OK. Our new Ar­peg­gia­tor is now vis­i­ble to the right of FM-4. If we now hold down a sus­tained chord on our key­board con­troller, we’ll hear the notes re­peat­ing in a cy­cle. Let’s change the num­ber of steps in the pat­tern (bot­tom right) to 16. It won’t sound dif­fer­ent just yet, though…

3 Cre­ate an in­ter­est­ing pat­tern by drag­ging the height of the top Ve­loc­ity slid­ers. Copy our pat­tern above, or draw in one of your own. We’ll now record a sim­ple de­scend­ing two-note MIDI chord over the first five bars of our project.

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