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In this age of un­lim­ited track counts and end­less ef­fects, it’s easy to scoff at the lim­i­ta­tions that pro­duc­ers used to cope with. Pre­soft­ware, most mu­si­cians couldn’t af­ford lots of hard­ware synths. And the af­ford­able in­stru­ments weren’t mul­ti­tim­bral… or even poly­phonic! When af­ford­able sam­plers hit the scene, mu­si­cians would sam­ple sounds from their synths and play them back from a sin­gle in­stru­ment, free­ing up the gear for other du­ties.

These lim­i­ta­tions seem re­stric­tive, but they led pro­duc­ers down cre­ative av­enues and re­sulted in pro­duc­tion tech­niques that we back­wards-en­gi­neer to­day. And guess what? You can use 8-Track’s lim­i­ta­tions to your ad­van­tage, too! Sim­ply sam­ple the in­di­vid­ual notes of the VSTs you want to re-use, then load the re­sul­tant waves into Sam­pler. Bitwig can even au­to­mate the process with a func­tion called Slice to Mul­ti­sam­ple.

Al­ter­na­tively, group and ren­der vir­tual in­stru­ment tracks to au­dio – that will help push you for­ward and com­mit.

Run out of VST slots? Call up 8-Track’s Sam­pler for mul­ti­sam­pling du­ties

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