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14. Record­ing ex­ter­nal gear and mon­i­tor­ing through ef­fects

Computer Music - - Make Music Now / Bitwig Studio 2 8-Track -

1 Now that we’ve got a sim­ple, MIDIbased back­ing track, it’s time to do some ac­tual au­dio record­ing in Bitwig Stu­dio 2 8-Track. We’re go­ing to lay down a sim­ple sus­tained two-chord track us­ing an elec­tric gui­tar. First of all, we need to rightclick be­low our Dune CM track and Add Au­dio Track. 2 Next, we route our in­ter­face’s in­put to our new au­dio track. We can see which in­puts and out­puts are as­signed to our tracks in the Track In­spec­tor. Or we can click the left­most but­ton (with the op­pos­ing ar­rows) in the lower-left cor­ner of the Ar­range win­dow. This will add the de­sired in­for­ma­tion to each track’s header. 3 Our track has no in­put as­signed. If we click where it says No In­put, we get a drop­down menu that doesn’t have any­thing un­der Au­dio In­puts. Click the Bitwig sym­bol up top to show the Dash­board. Go to the Au­dio cat­e­gory where we see a place for mono and stereo in­put busses. We add two mono busses. 4 In Au­dio set­tings, there’s a hor­i­zon­tal slider for ad­just­ing the Block size. This is cur­rently set to 256 sam­ples. This might be too much for mon­i­tor­ing through the com­puter with­out la­tency. How­ever, set it too low and you might have prob­lems with the au­dio en­gine. Ex­per­i­men­ta­tion is the an­swer here. 5 If we go back into our Ar­range win­dow, we can now use the I/O rout­ing drop­down to as­sign our track to the in­put our gui­tar is plugged in to. We arm this track for record­ing. We should now be able to hear our gui­tar and see its level reg­is­ter­ing in the track’s me­ter. So far, so good! 6 To ad­just your metronome set­tings, click and hold the Play but­ton in the trans­port sec­tion. We make sure our play­back fo­cus is on the Ar­ranger time­line. Once we’re ready to record, we’ll take a deep breath and have at it. For our part, we recorded only a short sec­tion and loop it for con­tin­u­ous play­back.

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