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15. Jam­ming in the Clip Launcher

Computer Music - - Make Music Now / Bitwig Studio 2 8-Track -

1 Ar­rang­ing is an art form. Some pro­duc­ers like to cut and paste in the Ar­ranger, while oth­ers like to record the ac­tions of the Clip Launcher on the fly. Let’s try that. Some of the record­ings we’ve made ex­ist only in the Ar­ranger Time­line. We crop those down to loops. 2 Drag these into Clip Launcher. We can guess which we might use si­mul­ta­ne­ously, and cre­ate up to eight Scenes ac­cord­ingly, ar­rang­ing our pre­ex­ist­ing clips as we go. We’ve now got seven. We don’t have to launch en­tire Scenes – this is just a good place to start. 3 We’re ready to record our live ‘jam’. Launch Scenes, jump­ing from Scene to Scene when it makes sense, and add the odd clip along the way. Start with the empty Scene ( Scene 8). En­gage Record in the trans­port and start hav­ing fun. The re­sults ap­pear in the Ar­ranger Time­line.

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