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There are a huge num­ber of ob­jects in Max For Live from which to con­struct the in­stru­ments, ef­fects and MIDI pro­ces­sors of your dreams, and it goes with­out say­ing that you need to be au fait with them if you plan to make the most of the soft­ware. Phe­lan elab­o­rates: “It’s im­por­tant to get to know the ob­jects avail­able. On the far left, we see the Ob­ject but­ton in the tool­bar, and we’ve got a mas­sive list of ob­jects that are avail­able within the Max land­scape. There are dif­fer­ent search cri­te­ria here: you could maybe fo­cus on just ‘Max Ob­jects’ or ‘Max For Live’, or maybe ‘MSP’. These are the dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories of ob­jects inside Max. Max ob­jects are gen­er­ally used to edit data, and are re­ally use­ful for build­ing MIDI ef­fects, arpeg­gia­tors, se­quencers… These don’t process au­dio; they process MIDI in­for­ma­tion, typ­i­cally.

“An­other in­ter­est­ing cat­e­gory is Jit­ter, which lets you do video pro­cess­ing; and also MSP, which is our other re­ally im­por­tant folder: Max Sig­nal Pro­cess­ing. These are the ob­jects that process au­dio, and they’ve all got a lit­tle wig­gly sym­bol at the end: ‘~’. This is called the tilde, and it’s avail­able on your com­puter key­board. It iden­ti­fies a Max Sig­nal Pro­cess­ing (MSP) ob­ject from a Max ob­ject. So build­ing a soft­synth or mak­ing an au­dio ef­fect mostly uses the MSP or ‘tilde’ ob­jects. Ex­plore this folder. There’s a load of stuff in there: fil­ters, FFT pitch pro­ces­sors, sine waves, en­ve­lope gen­er­a­tors.

“Prob­a­bly one of the most im­por­tant cat­e­gories of ob­ject in the Max For Live world is the Max For Live fam­ily. A ‘live.’ ob­ject is a spe­cific Max For Live ob­ject, and it’s rec­om­mended to use the Max For Live live. ob­jects when­ever you can. They can tap into Live’s au­to­ma­tion au­to­mat­i­cally, they’re de­signed to work with the Max For Live land­scape, and they’re very much eas­ier to man­age in terms of a GUI or user in­ter­face.”

Get­ting to know Max’s many ob­jects and what they do is highly rec­om­mended

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