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6. Mak­ing a vol­ume slider

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1 “If we set our Res­o­lu­tion and Ra­tio to re­ally low num­bers, we’re go­ing to get re­ally loud au­dio; so to pro­tect your speak­ers and your hear­ing, we’re go­ing to stick in a lit­tle vol­ume fader to pull down the gain. This is go­ing to sit in be­tween the plu­gout and the de­grade~.” 2 “The type of con­trol we’ll use is an­other live. ob­ject, so press N for New, type in ‘live.’, and the ob­ject we need is live.gain~ – a deci­bel vol­ume slider. Patch it into the sig­nal path by re­ca­bling left and right out­puts of the de­grade~ into the live.gain~ in­puts, and take the sig­nal path from live.gain to the plu­gout ob­ject.” 3 “In the In­spec­tor, we can cus­tomise slider prop­er­ties. At the top, there’s one called Ori­en­ta­tion: set it to Hor­i­zon­tal. It’s got the de­fault name of ‘live.gain’: dou­ble-click and call it Out­put Gain, then copy that into the Long Name field. Switch on Ini­tial En­able and pull down the Ini­tial Value to -12., for a value of -12dB when we first load the patch.” 4 “This is a good place to save our de­vice. Make sure it’s se­lected, jump to the Max File menu – not the Live File menu – and select Save As. Save the de­vice in the de­fault lo­ca­tion, the Max Au­dio Ef­fect folder, and give it a sex­ier name: The De­grader. Con­grat­u­la­tions – you’ve built a de­vice, patched in ev­ery­thing you need and saved it!”

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